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“CRU” comes from the French verb “croître” meaning “that which grows in a region”,

it is used in the world of wine to indicate a vineyard from which a particularly excellent wine is obtained.


Our definition of CRU is urban rustic cuisine: the old flavors of the past, the most authentic ones that blend with good drinking,  Rustic, comfortable simple but not ordinary.

The restaurant was built within an old commercial fund ex mesticheria since 1960, and with the help of our oldest knowledge, we have created CRU: a Bistrot that focuses on the quality of genuine products and made in Italy. You will find us in one of the most popular neighborhoods of the Urban setting, and that still smells of Florence. In via dell'Agnolo in Sant'Ambrogio.




via dell'agnolo 48 r

50122 sant'ambrogio, florence

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