cru - cucina rustica urbana


Why did we choose this name? Simple!

We Cook because we like to taste, we like to savour, we like to experience all that mother earth has to offer us. We Love food.

Rustic because we love genuine flavors, those of the past, even if we know it: no dish will ever be as good as the one your grandmother cooked for you!

Urban because we are exactly in the heart of one of the most spectacular cities that one can visit, Florence


Make yourself comfortable, you can feel at home with us.


We like the idea of creating something new every day based on the season and what the market offers us, always selecting top quality products. Our menu follows very specific rules, so as to be able to satisfy all palates. The dishes of Mediterranean cuisine are the basis of our inspiration but the final touch comes from the imagination.



Small producers who make great wines.

Farmers with a capital A who know how to give authenticity, character and soul to their products.

You will be able to savor all this from our cellar or from the daily pour, carefully selected for a perfect match.

For the less enthusiastic about the sacrosanct wine, a small selection of beers and spirits will be the partner of the cheerful evening.

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